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"Great Experience with Ron Askew" 

- Sidney (Wesley) Williams 

December 14, 2016

Personable, patient, knowledgeable. That's what you get when working with Ron Askew. Over the summer while getting my BMW serviced, I ran into Ron in the waiting area. We introduced ourselves and had a brief conversation and he gave me his card and ask that I give him a call should I ever be in the market for a new vehicle. Fast forward to December and I find myself needing a new car. I called Ron and we worked out a great deal on a new vehicle. He works with you to get the deal you want.

“Excellent service and honest dealing” 

- Sonya Robbins Hoffmann on 

January 4, 2017

I really enjoyed working with Ron at Silver Spring. I didn't feel like he was selling me a car, but rather that he treated me as a customer whom his job was to please. He listened to my desires, was upfront about options, and I never felt anything other than respect and patience. I highly recommend this dealership and, given that I decided to ultimately lease my car, I will return to them to either purchase or lease once more.

“Excellent sales person and client advisor” - ST on January 3, 2017 I bought a service loaner of current model year and low mileage at this dealership. Ron Askew have been working with me prior to me getting this car. As a true professional he always answered my questions, by e-mail and phone in a satisfactory way. He truly lived up to his commitments, no exaggerated promises and delivered on what he said he would do. Thanks Ron.

"#1 = Ron Askew" 

- DaNaque Murphy 

December 12, 2016

I live in Michigan and purchased a certified pre-owned BMW from BMW of Silver Springs and all I can say is "Ron is Awesome!" This was my first experience purchasing a car out of state and I was initially a little worried. Best experience ever! Thank you, Ron. 10 Stars**********

"Ron Askew" 

- James Rayner 

December 05, 2016

So, I bought a car last week from BMW of Silver Spring and let me tell you, I can’t recommend this place enough!! Especially Ron Askew. I have never felt as confident buying a car from somewhere as what I did from this place. From the initial call, all the way through to sitting with the Finance Manager. Ron was absolutely great, super honest about the vehicle and upfront about everything. I actually travelled from Florida to pick up my car so this was really important to me, and so refreshing that it wasn’t just some guy trying to sell you a car over the phone. Ron actually cares about you and has feelings like a regular mortal, he’s not out to get you, like every other salesman out there. He will work with you and find the best deal he can for you. Ron’s professionalism gave me a huge amount of buying confidence which I feel is really important for anyone out there buying a vehicle. If you are looking at buying a car from Ron and you’re based out of state, then I promise that whatever Ron says about the vehicle is completely 100% true, he will not do you wrong. Also - he picked me up from the airport in a brand-new Cadillac, he was actually waiting right outside the door when I arrived, first class service or WHAT!! :) So yeah - I would 100% highly recommend this place, and Ron Askew. Solid dealership and Solid salesman! Thank you so much!

"Five Star Service by Ron" 

- Ki 

December 23, 2016

I bought a new 2017 X5 and Ron Askew was one of the best sales persons that I have ever met. He is very professional and caring about a customer. He really did his best to offer the best deal possible and I purchased the car with a great feeling. I will definitely work with Ron for my future BMW purchase.

"Overall Service and Support was great from Ron!" - m3guybrazil December 17, 2016

I want to let you know Ron Askew did everything he could to close the deal and worked to get the best deal possible. He held an M3 that was highly sought after and helped me get the car that I was desperately looking for at the right price. Ron is a great customer advocate and will do what it takes to

"Excellent customer service with Ron Askew" 

- TLJ 

November 19, 2016

I leased a new vehicle from Ron Askew and he and his Manager Mr. Borkowitz made this one of the best car deals of my life! They honored all of the applicable deals that I qualified for and was able to get my car built in 3 weeks.


- cocoburnet 

November 13, 2016

The staff at BMW Silver Spring has always been friendly and professional. Most recently, Ron Askew was a great help in the process of buying my new X1. I recommend his services to anyone.

"Give Ron Askew a raise" 

- Frankie

Ron Askew was totally helpful and very accommodating. We came in not planning to buy a car but only to look, and left with a BMW X3, in part thanks to his personal attention.


- Hawa T 

October 17, 2016

Ron was my sales person on Saturday October 15. Ron is the best in this business! He went out of his way in assisting me to get my new car. He is knowledgeable and went out of his way to make me happy. He got several options for me and the best was picked by me. It was great working with Ron Askew!!!